The Fry Havoc Cookbook Adoption Program

When people want to cook something, they often google the thing they want to make and find the online recipe that looks the most delicious or the least intimidating. Some of these sites explain the steps, but not their reasoning; others don’t display step-by-step pictures.

For the sake of accessibility, we’re interested in translating cookbooks to immersive, educational resources on cooking.

So don’t throw out your old cookbooks just yet!

We’re most interested in cookbooks:

published prior to 1980


were produced by a company to hawk their wares


serve a specific diet (vegan, gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, etc)


were shallow celebrity plugs with little to no quality control

Email us at fryhavocblog at gmail to arrange sending your cookbook to us! You’ll get a shoutout when we review it!