Fake Cheese 5

As some of you close to me know, I recently took a job as a touring rep for a company that works with sustainable ranchers. For the next six months, I’ll be traveling around the PNW, talking to wholesalers about humanely raised (and slaughtered) meat and eating hotel scrambled eggs.

While it means I have less time to update the blog with weird recipes, this gives me some more resources to do what I intended with FRY HAVOC from the beginning.

FRY HAVOC will be accepting paid freelance writing.

What I’m interested in:

  1. Essays about food with a historical and/or intersectional angle that explores the relationship food has with societal power dynamics and marginalized communities.
  2. Essays that explore food esotericism—why is pineapple on pizza so controversial?
  3. Personal stories relating to food and how they’ve shaped you into the person you are.
  4. Critiques of how current food trends (haute comfort food, food trucks) contribute to gentrification and other forms of socio-economic oppression.
  5. Profiles of people who hustle with food.
  6. Recipes with an emphasis on accessibility.
  7. Recipes with an emphasis on danger.
  8. Recipes with an emphasis on fetish.

The dirty business:

  1. I can’t pay much. Right now, my budget will allow for $20-$40 per piece. Once the site is able to attract the numbers that will allow me to monetize it, I will absolutely revisit this.
  2. But you’ll get to work with a professional editor dedicated to helping you hone your craft.
  3. And, on the condition you link back to the original article if/when you republish it elsewhere, I’m willing to let you have republishing rights two weeks after the initial publishing date (as opposed to the months other sites will offer). I’m not interested in owning people’s work. I just want to see the work be done.

If you’d like to pitch to me: jetta dot robertson at gmail


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