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  • A KFC Commercial Perfectly Explains The Fundamentals of Pro Wrestling


      I canceled my WWE Network subscription a few days after the 2016 election—maybe a facile and foolhardy stance for someone who co-hosts a podcast that relies on Titan Sports’ old tape libraries. I mean, whatever: vegans eat vegetables from fields purged of indigenous wildlife, teetotalers eat pastries or drink soda with vanilla flavoring. We […]

  • Tasty Politics
  • Replace “God Bless America” With “Breakfast All Day”

    Credit to wookie75/Flickr

    To quote my friend Courtney Rose: “Is there a better phrase in the English language than ‘Breakfast served all day?’” There is a drive, an aspiration uniquely American—not in character, but in ubiquity. Conservatives love well-done steak, liberals love cage-free eggs, Texans like their chili without beans. The hype for fried eggs and pancakes at […]