FRY HAVOC is a feverish, slapdash fusion of comfort food and intersectional education.

(It is also, in a more literal sense, an intersectional food blog.)

It isn’t a place for wholesome, well-rounded meals with the freshest ingredients.

This is a place to learn what you can do if you have to eat eggs and rice every meal of every day until you get paid again without losing yourself to despair.

This is a place to learn how to cook with shit you find in corner stores and gas stations. This is a place to thumb through your great-grandma’s recipes, making notes with one hand and balancing a vegan bacon cheeseburger in the other.

Sharing, eating, and preparing food is part of what defines our relationships, our cultures, and our identities. It’s a great conduit, then, for engaging in oppressive behavior; shaming people for eating the wrong food, or the wrong amounts of it; appropriating other culture’s cuisine and making it economically inaccessible to them; obfuscating knowledge and education of nutrition and cooking techniques through classist, ableist, and racist institutions.

We’re a second helping of dissent.

Everyone should get to enjoy food. Even if they’re only kitchen appliance is a microwave. Even if they can’t afford “organic” ingredients.

Even if they don’t like or have never tried chard.

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